Contact Lenses and Fittings

At Menifee Lakes Optometry we take pride in our top quality services especially when it comes to contact lenses. Whether you've been wearing contacts for years or are coming in for your first pair, we'll ensure your contact lenses are the correct prescription, comfortable, and are easy to care for. We're the best in contact lens care. Give our friendly staff a call today to discuss your options! Visit us today!


Convenient and Affordable

We strive to offer our services so that they are convenient to you. Our hours and location make it easy for you to schedule an appointment for a visit. Call today to learn more about our affordable prices!

Contact Lens Services

  • Contact Insertion Tutorials
  • Contact Lens Care Information
  • Prescriptions

Personalized Care

We don't believe in a one-size fits all approach to vision health and eye care. We understand that each of you have individual needs and are dealing with individual conditions. We'll always listen to you and make sure we're doing our very best to exceed all your expectations.

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