Emergency Eye Care

We know that eye problems can arise at inconvenient times and sometimes are serious. At Menifee Lakes Optometry, we provide emergency eye services for a variety of conditions from infections to foreign objects, glaucoma and more. If you're having an emergency issue, seek treatment right away. From eye exams to emergency care services, we're leaders in the field. Trust us to give you help when you need it most!


We Can Help

We know emergency treatment can be daunting, but we have the experience to help. We'll also ensure that you feel comfortable, and have all your concerns addressed as we move forward with treatment.

Emergency Eye Services

  • Infections
  • Removal of Foreign Objects
  • Eye Problems
  • Glaucoma
  • Irritation
  • Light Sensitivity

Reviewing Test Findings

We also have experience in reviewing test findings which we will happily do for you. Once we've reviewed your tests we can make recommendations about the best treatment possible. We can offer frame adjustments, fittings and repairs as well. Visit us today!

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